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Welcome to TegraSeal Products

TegraSeal Products, LLC manufactures high performance bentonite waterproofing systems and cold-joint water stops. Designed for backfilled and blindeside walls, under slabs, decks, tunnels, planters, or greenroof installations. TegraSeal provides design assistance for both adhere and mechanically fastened systems, apporved applicators, independent inspections, with complete waterproofing and water retention systems.

Our R&D focuses on making the job of the waterproofing contractor easier, safer, and more efficient.  Our new product line is designed to address real problems:  bad weather, rough concrete, and heavy, cumbersome lugging of materials over rough and sometimes treacherous footing.  In most cases, we have designed specialized products to perform specific applications such as podiums, lagging, under floor, “green landscaping,” and decks.  Each product is designed to provide lower installation and labor costs to give your customers a competitive advantage.  TegraSeal Products has filed for patent protection on our new products and their manufacturing methods.  Our goal is to help your business grow.  It is win-win for both of us.